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5704 Oleader Dr., Unit 110
(910) 540-4390


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5704 Oleander Dr. #110

Wilmington, NC 28403

910-239-1396; 910-540-4390

Innovative, attentive, perseverant, outgoing, bold, positive thinkers ….are all words that have been used to describe Regina Drury and the Regina Drury Real Estate Group. After 11 years as one of the top Ranked Real Estate Agents in North Carolina, Regina Drury, launched her own Real Estate company in October 2016.

Regina Drury Real Estate Group was born out of the desire to provide more personal services tailored to each client’s needs. They have hired the sharpest and most responsive Agents and staff for their team. The agency aims to develop modern marketing techniques and technology to better serve the area’s needs.

After years of attending training events by the leading Real Estate coaches, and gaining insight from weekly mastermind groups with top selling REALTORS® in the United States and Canada, it became clear that it was time to start her own company in order to implement the skills she had learned.

Regina Drury Real Estate Group services New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender County. Linda Brett-Kell joined the company this year after returning from Florida. She moved to Florida a few years ago and realized Kure Beach was her "true" home. Linda has 30 years of experience and feels that "living Coastal" is the best lifestyle choice. You’ll find Linda at many Carolina Beach and Kure Beach events lending a helping hand. Linda believes strongly in working together to build a better community, therefore she donates 10% of her commission to her client’s favorite non-profit organization. She’s a real asset to the company with her positive upbeat personality, extensive knowledge of Beach Living, and willingness to always go the extra mile.

Want to know more about Regina Drury Real Estate Group? Check out their website where you’ll find great links to Beachfront Bargains and great Blog posts about hot topics. Also, have you checked out on Facebook the Regina Drury Real Estate Group page? That page is growing fast in popularity! It went from 100 viewers to over 2,000 in just half a year! On the Events tab on the Facebook page there’s an Invite to their 1st Anniversary Halloween Event!  It's a fun event you're invited to!