World Premiere Screening of THE RACK PACK (PG)
May 26, 2019

The Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Carolina Beach is proud to sponsor the WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING of the locally filmed and produced THE RACK PACK.  Join us on Sunday evening,  May 26th, at the Carolina Beach Lake Park at dusk (about 8:00 pm) to meet the Executive Producer, David Schiffer and other cast members to discuss the making of this unique family-oriented film.  Concessions are available on site and we will have a raffle for various movie 'swag''  

Bring your own chairs or blankets and watch the World Premiere of THE RACK PACK under the Pleasure Island Night Sky.

No alcohol or glass are allowed.


  • A children's storybook author reminisces about his childhood adventures with his brothers and friends. In a time before kids spent hours watching television, on the computer, playing video games and texting, they went to the park to play with their friends.

    As military brats, these kids lived their own adventures. They lived a different sort of childhood that challenged their imaginations to soar to a different level. Following in their parents footsteps, they pretended to be soldiers as they played army in the woods.

    Life seemed simpler back then, until danger came to town. In our story, a cynical man comes across a Civil War Generals old map that may lead to long lost treasure buried deep in a mining tunnel.

    The kids come across the man and his team and learn about the treasure. Our heroes come up with a plan to try to find it first.

    Things take a serious turn when the kids are discovered. The thieves up their status and become kidnappers as they take one of the children's fathers hostage.

    The kids, in full army gear, set out for a rescue mission. As they learn more about each other they form a bond of brotherhood and friendship called ...THE RACK PACK.

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