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925 S. Kerr Ave. Ste D-4
(910) 523-6831

I am a retired NC State Trooper with 29 years experience in law enforcement. I became an attorney after my service with the State to protect the rights and privileges of all NC residents and visitors.

I fully understand the process and legal formalities involved in DWI arrests and other criminal prosecutions. I have been a chemical analyst (breathalyzer operator) with the State of NC for 17 years. I have been trained to conduct the testing procedures and therefore I know when the process has been performed incorrectly or the appropriate paperwork has not been completed correctly. Improper processes jeopardize the results of the breathalyzer test and are inadmissible if not conducted by standards administered by the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

I have years of experience and training in DWI detection, radar and time distance speed measuring devices, and techniques of criminal interdiction patrol. I know when the officer has done his job, when an officer might have made an innocent human mistake and when things were not done according to prescribed legal standards.

If you need legal protection of your rights and I can be of assistance to you please give me a call.