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440 Raleigh St., Unit C
(910) 200-6076

With over nine years locally and twenty one years in the commercial restaurant consulting business, Bill Farriss continues to serve the Hospitality Industry with exceptional service and attention to detail.

Farriss owns and operates Farriss Hospitality, a restaurant and commercial equipment company. Farriss can take four walls of a restaurant, design the dining room, bar and kitchen, separating himself from the competition that just sells equipment. Besides an eye for design, Farriss differentiates himself from the competition by offering guidance through the rigorous permitting process that restaurants must undergo.

The results show that Farriss Hospitality is doing things right. Since the company opened in 2005 business has increased about 12% annually. Some of his clients now own several locations with the aspirations to continue to expand and even franchise.

“We are having a lot of fun with models such as Shuckin Shack, Chops Deli, Havana’s, Nikki’s and Slice of Life”. At Farriss Hospitality we assist our customers with meeting their needs in designing and developing their commercial kitchen and/or dining areas for restaurants, convenience stores, places of worship, catering services, and schools. We at Farriss Hospitality strive to provide our customer with a one-vendor solution.

“We offer the very best in feature, function and value as it relates to commercial equipment and furniture”. By paying attention to detail Farriss is still having fun while at the same time helping his customers create profit centers.